Published 18 Juni 2015 by ataniatarigan13

NaruHina: Honeymoon Avenue

‘Ouchh,’ Hinata moaned and sat on the bed. Awkwardly, she realized what had happened last night. what she and Naruto done last night, it’s still felt amazing. Where is Naruto? She spoke on her mind. She looked at everywhere but found nothing about him. Maybe, he taking fresh air. Once again, she spoke to herself. And then, she lied down on the bed and lifted her hand to cover her eyes. She still felt tired of last night.

‘Are you wake, sweetheart?’ Naruto opened the door and practically Hinata sat with shock . ‘sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean to make you shock like this. I want to wake you this morning but you looked  so tired so I let you to sleep more. The air is very good this morning. i’m still fascinated about last night you know’. Hinata just blushed.

This is the second day of their honeymoon. Last night, when they arrived,  its not took a long time before Naruto kissed Hinata gently. Its felt so sweet. Its their first time, and Hinata felt embarrassed. But Naruto just kept his eyes on Hinata and stared at her as a beautiful woman in the world. He gently deposited her onto the bed with his eyes going slumberous with desire. He couldn’t take his hot eyes off of her. Just like that, Hinata shyness forgotten and she enjoyed the game too.

‘darling, let’s go and get breakfast. I hear that there are a delicious noodles next of  this hotel. Let you to take shower. Maybe, we can take shower together’ he spoke with humor in his tone. Hinata stand up, rolled her eyes, and walked toward her lovely husband to kiss him.

‘you are crazy and you are kidding my lovely husband’ she said and leaned over to drop a kiss in his cheek and his mouth.

he kissed gently and moan ‘I’m not crazy, my wife, we are married now and we can do anything together. We share everything and do anything together. But if you refuse my offer, no problem. Just take a bath and get ready. After breakfast, I want to take you tosomewhere special.’

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…’ she felt guilty because she made fun of his offer. But, Naruto cut her with a kiss. In the mouth

‘no baby, maybe you are still tired and you look exhausted. I do understand. But, I have one request’ he said in childish tone


‘we must to take a bath together when we back’

Hinata look in Naruto eyes and found herself giggled. She can not refuse him. So she nodded, and walked toward her suitcase and took her stuff before take a shower with Naruto sit on the bed with his boyish smile.




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